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Our mission is to provide professional high quality custom home renovations,
construction services and trusted products to our homeowners.

Sun Ray prides itself on transforming our client’s lives by improving their standard of living and lifestyle in their own homes. We are professional, respectful and fair to all our clients, employees, contractors and suppliers.

So Why did I start Sun Ray?

It was 1990 or so, major recession in Calgary ( that was a couple of recessions ago), my job ended and I had a wife and 3 small children to support. Job prospects were not good and my best bet was to take on home renovation projects as an independent contractor.
  • I had lots of commercial and residential construction experience, since I worked construction to pay for my education up to receiving my degree from the university of Calgary. After that I was involved for several years in commercial project management.
  • In the early days of Sun Ray the customers were family and friends and then over time through referrals my client base just grew. Good tradesman ship is a gift and I am thankful that I have a talent for working with my hands.
Now we are talking over 30 years later and what has changed? Do I still want to get up and go to work every day? You bet!
  • Absolutely love what I do! Take peoples homes and make them beautiful, more accessible and more valuable. We treat our customers with honesty and integrity.
  • I have the privilege of working with a wonderful team of people. We have 2 fine ladies (Donna and Colleen) at our beautiful show room/retail store in Okotoks, Alberta. They will faithfully assist in making choices for your home. We have some of the finest trades people and craftsmen in the world working as part of our team and the final quality of work at your project bears witness to the quality of those people.
  • We are an inclusive organization and hire people based only on their ability to serve our customers well.
  • We select from a wide variety of manufactured products and building materials to best serve your needs. Our purchasing power allows us to get great value for our customers.
  • Still got bills to pay! Better keep working.

Doug's Renovation Check-List

Steps. . . questions??. . . check-list for a successful renovation. Before you start that demolition work, tear out a wall and start spending your hard earned money please consider;

1. Customers need to first determine how long they expect to live in their home and what their expectations are going forward. Be honest here! If the goal is to fix the home up and sell, then own that decision. That certainly adjusts what you want to spend and your tolerance towards having workers in your home for a period of time. Your might just want to declutter, paint and call your realtor! If your goal is to live in your until retirement ( or longer) or raise your family until kids leave home, then realize that you are making a life choice. You might renovate more for your own needs rather than potential re-sale value.

2. Do you need to consider a potential medical or physical challenge? If the customers are approaching retirement and one or both have the challenge of going up and down stairs, then please consider selling the 2 story home and look towards single story living. As we get older our physical needs become an important consideration. Location, access to shopping, children's needs and grand children become even greater priorities as we get older.

3. Some customers have a good idea of what they would want in their new renovated living space but they always know what they don't want! It is really important to actually know what you want, not just what you don't want! If you can honestly identify and communicate this to your renovator then your chances of having a successful project are greatly improved!

4. Yes you need to honestly set a reasonable budget to get the job done! Some customers hope to complete work with an extremely low budget but expect top quality service and workmanship. This doesn't often end well in the renovation business. Best practice is to choose your contractor based on competence, reliability and honesty. There are lots of good contractors (Including Sun Ray) but there are also lots of poor ones. Choose carefully.

5. Do you want to take out a building permit? This is a choice that all customers need and have the right to make. Some renovation work does not require a permit. We suggest that you check with your community and determine if a permit is required in your circumstance or if you feel more comfortable having that extra level of accountability and inspection.

6. Do you need financing or financial assistance? For many families it is better to renovate their home rather than move. Most banks and mortgage companies are willing to finance a good portion of your project cost at fairly low interest rates. Also don't forget to consider the many Government programs for accessible living and energy efficiency.

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